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Here's Dashcam Footage From Jung Ho Kang's Alleged DUI Crash

South Korean 24-hour news channel YTN obtained dashcam footage from the car of Pirates third baseman Jung Ho Kang, who was charged with leaving the scene of a DUI accident. You can see the car speeds too fast around a turn, before running over a median and some bollards. YTN also got a photo of the front of the car, which was severely damaged by the crash.

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According to South Korean-based reporter Sung Min Kim, most South Korean cars have dashcams:

The Korean Times reports that there was a passenger in the car who initially claimed to be the driver, before police determined that it was Kang:

A person in the passenger seat, whose identity was withheld, reported to police that he or she was the driver of the vehicle. After analyzing the car’s black box, police determined that Kang had been behind the wheel and called him in for questioning.

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