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Here's Floyd Mayweather Being A Dick To A Woman In A Barbershop

Floyd Mayweather is one of the very worst people walking this earth. This new video to pop up on YouTube is of Mayweather in a barbershop in London, getting into it with a woman who claims she doesn't know who he is because she doesn't follow boxing. Instead of being relieved someone doesn't know who he is, Mayweather is instead aghast and offended, and feels he must defend his own honor. So he starts talking shit to this woman.


"You know what?" he says sarcastically. "I need to Google you."

He speaks some other bullshit, before ending triumphantly with, "The Money Man. He takes 60 minutes and makes 100 million in 60 minutes." Fuck this dude.


There's the possibility this whole thing is fake, since almost everything he does save this here gem from Heaven is fake. But that would mean that Mayweather actually thought that staging and posting this scene would be somehow dope. This would make him an even worse person than we previously thought.

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