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Here's Facebook's 2014 NFL Fandom Map

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It's that time again. Facebook has released their NFL fandom map, showing which NFL team gets the most Facebook "likes" in each county. For the full-resolution map, click here.

It's fun to compare this one to to the map Facebook released in January of 2013. What's changed since then?

  • The 49ers have reconquered territory in both California and Oregon that previously belonged to the Raiders, and reclaimed Hawaii from the Steelers.
  • The massive Broncos amoeba is extending its reach in surrounding states Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and even down into New Mexico.
  • Alaska is now fully aboard that Seahawks train.
  • The Jets lost Nassau County, their single stronghold, to the Giants.
  • Washington is gradually taking southern Virginia from the Cowboys.
  • The Lions have taken back some of Michigan's Upper Peninsula from the Packers.

Notice anything else interesting?


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