There was a streaker at the Presidents Cup, which I guess means this should technically be tagged "idiot on the links," or "naked idiot on the links."

The patriotic woman took off on security at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio this afternoon during singles matches on day four of the Cup. She is essentially nude but for a thong and heart-shaped American-flag pasties over her nipples.

Here are some more NSFW-ish shots.


Some more info, from Golf News Net:

The streaker, a woman, was not immediately identified. Fans on the grounds said the woman ran all the way up the 18th fairway a little after 2 p.m. ET, evading police trying to catch her. She may well have completely escaped legal troubles.


Godspeed, lady.

Venerable commenter SponsoredbyV8 was witness to the peepshow. He thinks she made it!


Update: Here's video.

Photo credits: Getty