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Here's How To Sneak Into Candlestick Park

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That guy in the picture above is a reader who just emailed to tell us all about how he snuck into Candlestick Park yesterday, where he hung out on the field for about a half hour without anybody noticing or caring. The key to sneaking in appears to be wearing a suit and telling security you are there for an important meeting.


Take it away, brave reader:

Well, I dragged my girlfriend over to the "stick" yesterday because I wanted to get one last look at the old girl before they tore her down. We pulled up to the parking lot and there was a dad in an SUV with his wife and kids in front of us trying to convince the security guard to let them in to take a picture of the stadium. The security guard was very adamant about not letting anyone in and instantly sent that family packing. I wasn't going to be denied. I confidently pulled up in my prius and tie (I had just came from a big time interview at the post office ) and told the security guard I had a meeting with mr. York and he waved me right in. Once we were in the parking lot I checked a few gates and they were all locked. My girlfriend was getting nervous and wanted to leave but, I wanted more.

We drove around and found an open gate with some construction worked doing some construction and I saw my entrance!

We marched right in and headed straight for the field. No one seemed to care/ notice we were in the stadium. I was in heaven ! I am a huge niner fan and I have been to countless games here. We hung out for about 30 minutes and we left after I tried to convince my girlfriend to head to the locker rooms. While in the stadium I was looking for something to take but, anything of value was bolted down or already gone. I did see a few lockers and a tanning bed randomly sitting about. I am sure alex smiths pale butt once laid in that bed. Actually if that tanning bed could talk that would be great. Maybe it was brought in for one specific player or who knows. Anyway we were inside for about a half hour or so and no one seemed to care we were there.

One day, someone will finally be able to explain why sneaking into a stadium is a top-five fantasy for every American male.