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Here's Josh Norman Leaping Over A Bull In Pamplona

Image: ESPN

I guarantee you this is the best football-adjacent highlight you’ll see all day. This stretch of July is when thousands of brave/stupid people travel to Pamplona, Spain to put their bodies at risk, and Washington cornerback Josh Norman was there to face a foe much scarier than the Los Angeles Rams or Jacksonville Jaguars—actual, quite dangerous bulls.

Norman has been wanting to run with the bulls for several years; he said in an interview in 2016 that he hoped to do so in the offseason. And he sure got into the spirit of the tradition. Spanish news outlet EFE has video of Norman in an awesome shirt with a photo from a previous encierro printed on it, psyching himself up before running through the streets.


Anyone worried about Norman endangering his own health and well-being, however, needn’t have troubled themselves. Over at ESPN there’s impressive video of Norman leaping clear over a bull on two different occasions, when most everyone else around him is simply trying to avoid getting gored. (See the GIF above.) I guess being a world-class athlete comes in handy when trying to avoid potentially lethal animals.

Correction (12:26 p.m.): The article originally stated that, in 2016, Norman said the running of the bulls was an offseason activity permitted by his contract. In the original TV interview, it’s unclear if the Panthers are cool with it or not.

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