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Illustration for article titled Heres Rony Seikaly Looking Like A Haggard Drag Queen While DJing At Burning Man

Last year, the New York Times brought us the story of Rony Seikaly, the former Heat rebounding fiend who has since become a club DJ.

That photo presented Seikaly's second career as an ongoing glamorous triumph. We now know, thanks to this photo, taken at Burning Man—a big, arty festival in the Nevada desert—that there are pitfalls along the way. Last week, he was DJing the Wednesday morning session for Robot Heart (a bus turned into a giant sound system), and he dressed like this. The fuzzy hat, the leopard, it's all so unsightly. And unsightly means un-Seikaly, or at least we thought so. Alas. Rony, next time, ask yourself: What would 'Zo do?


H/T Michael.

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