Here's Sarah Palin Reporting On Glen Rice's Michigan Team Three Months After They Allegedly Humped

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Just about three months after her alleged one-night stand with Michigan star player Glen Rice, Sarah Palin (then Sarah Heath) reported on a Wolverines game for Anchorage's KTUU-TV. In the clip above, she's reporting on Michigan's 80-67 loss to Purdue on March 3, 1988, in which clinched the Big Ten championship game for the Boilermakers. Her alleged former lover had just 11 points and shot 5 for 16 from the field in the game, so he goes unmentioned.


While we were rifling through Michigan's statistical archives, we looked back at that fateful Anchorage tournament in late November 1987. Michigan opened play with a 109-76 blowout victory against Miami; Rice had 22 points and six boards. In their second game of the tournament, they fell 79-64 to Arizona. Rice scored 15 points and turned the ball over six times.

In the Wolverines' final game in Anchorage, against UAB on Nov. 29, Rice had 27 points—presumably a game high, although we weren't able to track down UAB's box score—in Michigan's 78-76 win. It must have been the consolation game.


There's no way to know at what point in the tournament young Palin "hauled (Rice's) ass down," as the National Enquirer so eloquently put it, so we'll just speculate: Was the Sarah Heath effect represented in Rice's dip on Nov. 28 against Arizona, or in his surge against UAB the following night? Anchorage may never tell.

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