Here's That Nice Lady Getting Her Boob Licked At The Florida State-Florida Game (LEGAL UPDATES)

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Yesterday we brought you a young lass made insta-notable by a fortuitously timed fall from atop a pickup truck. We were sent some more documentation of her UF-FSU tailgate afternoon, and it turns out she' [NSFW]

Mr. Petchesky,

It has come to my attention that you are the author and creator, and
assumed photographer, of the article titled " Here's That
Nice Lady Getting Her Boob Licked At the Florida State-Florida Game
(UPDATES)". I am contacting you in defense of the woman shown in the
photos posted. If an attorney is representing you, please provide this
letter to your attorney and have him or her contact me.

It is highly requested that you eliminate the article that you last
edited at 12:08 PM on December 1, 2010. This includes the photos,
captions, and video apparent on
It is to my understanding that neither you nor have the
legal rights to expose the current photographs and seeing as how the
individual apparent in the photos is currently under the age of 18,
legal action is obligatory. If you are unaware, right now you are held
accountable for child pornography. The anonymous victim has advised
you that she wishes that the photos, captions, and video be taken
down. Accordingly, on behalf of the anonymous victim, we demand that
you immediately cease operating, contributing and distributing all
materials that are currently applicable through

If you do not take these actions as soon as possible, we shall assume
that you will not be complying with the anonymous victims demands and
we will take all appropriate actions to enforce the victims rights.

Thank you,


We'll keep you posted once we find out if this young lady is, in fact, under the legal age. Carry on.