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The guys over at Sportsgrid, via SB Nation, have the art for you. If you're unaware, D.J. WIlliams is a guy with a bad track record who tweeted the above picture of his new team-provided iPad as a message informing fans that he was studying and learning a new position. It showed some defensive formations called "Sink Sam 1 Tite (Formation Adjustments)." The Broncos later contacted Williams and told him to delete the tweet and he did.

Many have chimed in and the consensus seems to be that this was a colossal fuck up on Williams's part with the Denver Post going so far as to say it must be "considered a serious breach of security."


I love a good outrage but I think I'll hang with actual football players on this one, like MJD, who seems to think this is much ado about nothing. On Twitter he said "what dj wasn't wrong the play he showed was the foundation of there defense. Like I form for offense."

Here's A Defensive Play Of The Denver Broncos. Thank D.J. Williams For This. [Sportsgrid]
D.J. Williams deletes post of defensive formations, but issue adds to woes [Denver Post]

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