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Here's The Law That Lets McQueary And Paterno Off The Hook

On Sunday, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett appeared on NBC's Meet the Press to talk about the "mandated reporter" child abuse law that did not mandate any reporting to state agencies by Mike McQueary and Joe Paterno. The two men merely told their superiors, thereby satisfying the minimum requirements under the law, although perhaps failing in their "moral obligation," as Corbett suggested of McQueary. When asked if the law needs to change, Corbett went beyond suggestion. "Absolutely," he said.

Here's the relevant chunk of language from DPW Regulations, Chapter 3490:

§ 3490.13. Reports by employees who are required reporters.

(a) Required reporters who work in an institution, school, facility or agency shall immediately notify the person in charge of the institution, school, facility or agency or the person in charge's designee of suspected abuse. The person in charge, or the designee, shall be responsible and have the obligation to make a report of the suspected child abuse to ChildLine immediately.


The Pennsylvania Legislature intends to pass a new child abuse reporting law by the end of the year, Corbett said. Until then, Pennsylvania is stuck with this:

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