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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Here's To You, NFL. Love, China

What if a football column co-written by Peter and Larry King came to life, but took the form of an odd middle-aged Chinese man who likes to drink?

This video, sent over by the boys at PSAMP, is pretty much the greatest year-end sports tribute I've seen since Frank DeFord's book of haikus about Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. Who is this man? Where did he come from? Why is he offering a toast to the 2008 NFL regular season? Why does the YouTube channel it comes from also contain videos of Chinese school girls insulting Jamal Lewis? (There is a story behind it, actually, but knowing only takes the joy out of it.)

And he has nice things to say about everyone! (Except T.O. and Petyon, of course.) I wonder if there's anyway we could get him to do a video reading of this week's Jamboroo, because then my entire 2009 would be all set.

China Toasts the 2008 NFL Season [PSAMP]

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