If there’s one thing you can always count on a baseball player in a high-stress situation to be, it’s a sensitive weenie. Allow me to direct your attention to this moment, from yesterday’s game between the Giants and Padres.

After the first pitch of his at-bat, Giants outfielder Angel Pagan noticed a piece of gum sitting in the batter’s box, and so he absentmindedly tossed the gum in Padres catcher Derek Norris’s direction. The nerve!

“Heyyyyyyy. Don’t throw gum at meeeeeeeeee!” Norris probably said as he stood up to get in Pagan’s face.


“I diiiiiiidn’t! Shut up and leave me aloooooooone!” responded Pagan. Probably.

Everyone eventually calmed down and the game continued, but Norris was still a little bent out of shape in the locker room:


Boys! Stop throwing gum!