Let tipster hoseman666 explain this bit of profane professional-bowling fury for you:

During the Geico PBA Shootout in Chicago this week, there was an outburst on the lanes by Sean Rash. His opponent, two-handed thrower and fan favorite Jason Belmonte repeatedly "crinkled" his water bottle while Rash was on the approach. The video I linked to starts off with the outburst, then at the 20-second mark, shows the previous frame and a longer 2-minute span of events leading up to it.

Belmonte had been accused of the same no-no when he fondled his bottle against Brad Angelo on TV earlier this year. Belmonte apologized to Angelo after their match, but blamed it on cheap plastic bottles.

Rash was fined an undisclosed amount by the PBA for conduct unbecoming a PBA member. Belmonte is getting hammered in bowling circles for either being inconsiderate, oblivious, or unsportsmanlike.

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