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Here's Video Of That Mile-Wide Tornado Deciding, On A Whim, To Spare Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium

Let Tuscaloosa resident Phil Owen describe the damage that the mile-wide twister captured in this video wrought upon Alabama today:

"I'm in my car at corner on McFarland. Milo's Hamburgers isn't there anymore. Hobby Lobby only thing still standing at Woods Square Shopping Center. Big Lots, Full Moon Barbecue. Piles of garbage where those places were. Shell gas station across the street, all that's standing is the frame of the store."


Damn. Much more than Full Moon Barbecue was lost including, at latest count, 31 lives. Prayers, good wishes and/or positivity sent.

That's the home of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, Bryant-Denny Stadium, in the video shot from Clay Hasenfuss's third-floor balcony. And no, you're not the only one in awe of how a building that seats 101,821 human beings can be made to look like a diorama prop.

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