This is what happens when you try to brand everything and force stupid fan interactions during sporting events: you upset and confuse our most treasured senior citizens.

After reading a promo for a fan poll about some worthless question that someone's kid thought up, Scully admits that he hasn't the foggiest idea about what he's just read. He then somehow transitions to a tangent about DogTV.

Vin Scully doesn't need this shit. Probably half the people watching Dodgers games are watching specifically for Scully, anyway. They are already entertained and you bunch of suits at Fox have Vin talking about hashtags and tweeters and all this nonsense.


He's, like, a million years old and even hipsters on the opposite side of the country love the guy; Fox doesn't need to appeal to a younger audience. But if it wants to keep pushing the youth angle, at least don't have Scully say "hashtag" a dozen times in 90 seconds.