I would lament the wasting of absurd amounts of all kinds of alcohol to the air, ground, and clothes of those in attendance, but holy shit, this looks like so much fun.

Here's David Ortiz taking a relative sip from one of those championship staple mega-sized champagne bottles. I hope no one got in the way when they started swinging the empty one. [David J. Phillip/AP]

Koji Uehara, who is the best, is caught unawares by beer to the head. [Elsa/Getty]

Jacoby Ellsbury and Ortiz saying "challenge: accepted." [Elsa/Getty]

David Ross dancing. I imagine Drake's "Worst Behavior" is playing in the background. [Elsa/Getty]

Jacoby Ellsbury about to take a blowtorch to a champagne bottle, presumably. [Elsa/Getty]

Ellsbury spraying champagne. It actually may be more fun to do that than drink it. [Elsa/Getty]

And here's Mike Napoli, showing us what unadultreated happiness looks like. [David J. Phillip/AP]

Top image by Elsa/Getty.