Manny Pacquiao will fight Shane Mosley in Las Vegas, with the WBO welterweight title on the line, tonight. But is it truly a fight when everybody already knows who is going to win, and when the person who everybody knows is going to lose doesn't betray even a hint of anger toward his foe?

Hey, stranger things have happened. Lake Placid comes to mind. So do Buster Douglas and Rulon Gardner. They all had chips on their shoulders, though.


Fine, he's not at that level of underdogs. Might pull a rabbit out of his hat, like CC Sabathia and Brian Wilson seem to think he will. But, he's an underdog nonetheless and best I can tell, Manny doesn't need to hate his opponent to beat them about the head and chest with leather hand accessories like they're a back-talking prude at a swinging S&M cotillion.

So unless Sugar Shane goes rolling up into the ring like a crystal-meth freak who just sneaked past security at a general-admission Rammstein show with knuckles tattooed "Mein Teil," he gets TKO'd by the second minute of the ninth round.


Treat this as if it's an open thread. I know Iron Mike Gallego will.

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