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Hernan Perez Went On A Gatorade Odyssey And Got The Wrong Guy Anyway

Gif: MLB

The vagaries of walk-offs and crowd dynamics meant that when Mike Moustakas singled in Christian Yelich to win Game 1 for Milwaukee, the dugout chased Moustakas, eventually settling in right-center field, where the Brewers jumped, slapped, and celebrated. One problem with that: It’s a long way to go for a Gatorade bath.

Utilityman (and whatever the opposite of “fireballer” is) Hernan Perez was eager. He would not wait for his teammates to make their way back toward the clubhouse. He, and his trusty and heavy cooler, went for a jog.


And Perez got the wrong guy! He drenched Ryan Braun instead of Moustakas, possibly because Moustakas could see him coming from 250 feet away. Two good reasons players tend to wait until, say, the hero is doing his postgame interview to soak him: the distance, and the stationary target.

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