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He's Josh Beckett And You're Not

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What they're saying this fine morning about Boston's 7-1 win over Cleveland in the American League Championship Series ...


Shippin' Up To Boston. Oh, and nice play by the Injuns to bring a former Beckett ladypal to sing at the game. As attempts to get in a guy's head, rolling out the ex is a pretty shrewd move. But it seems to have back-fired big-time. In fact, the extra shot of testosterone may have been just what The Commander needed to finish off the Indians. Because, as everyone knows, Josh Beckett is fueled by testosterone, Coors Light, and the blood of his victims. [Surviving Grady]

This Just In, Beckett's Got Balls. ...and they're dirty big balls. Where have I seen this before? Josh Beckett on the mound, pressure, season, dreams on the line. Oh wait, it happens every single time the dude steps on the hill during the postseason. Trust me, Cleveland fan,s I sympathize with you. And for the record, you can relax...I still think the Indians are going to win this series and I hope they do just that. However, every once in a while you've got to sit back and appreciate just how lights out Josh Beckett is during the postseason. [Ghosts Of Wayne Fontes]

Beckett, Despite Intense Cleveland Mind Games, Forces Game Six. Absolutely superb. Josh Beckett clearly feels his WS MVP trophy is a little lonely on the mantle. After a dicey 1st in which he escaped partly due to a non-RBI DP off the bat of Travis Hafner, Becks gave a clinic on pitching, being efficient while also striking out hitters, and almost got an opportunity to teach Kenny Lofton some humility in the process. [Over The Monster]

Big-Game Beckett Beats Tribe Again. I cannot stand Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. McCarver has a great T.V. voice, but my lord, when these guys get going on's like a rabbit during mating season. They just can't stop or help themselves. Josh Beckett is really good. Anyone that watches baseball can see that. Apparently that wasn't good enough for 'Son of Joe,' and 'I've been around a little too long McCarver.' These two spent the better part of four innings ready to anoint Beckett the King of the World. At least they stopped short of saying Beckett was the greatest pitcher of all time. [Tribe Report]

Shots Equal Victory. Legend has it that Kevin Millar and members of the Red Sox did shots of Jack Daniels before Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. They won that game — and so they did shots before each of the next seven games — and won the World Series. In that spirit, Laura and I did JD shots tonight before 8 PM. It worked! [Joy Of Sox]

A Five-Game ALCS? This Is Cleveland! You didn't think our guys could just reel off four straight against the team they tied for the best record in the whole damn league, did you? Did you?!? Listen, nothing is ever that easy for the Indians in October. In 1995, the year the Tribe lapped the frigging field in the A.L., the Mariners (the Mariners!!) even stretched the Wahoos to six games. Our boys just don't wrap up best-of-seven series in 5 games or less. That's just not how it works for us. This is Cleveland. Nothing comes easy for us. [The Sports Elitists]


The Morning After: Salvation, And A Peck. Another eight innings with just one more run. That with the brimstone battle between himself and 86 year-old Kenny Lofton, who just fired Joshie up even more, if anything. [Sox Nest]

Getting A Lead Was Big. It was good to get the lead tonight and build a little more confidence on this team. I think that was a huge factor, just trying to get ahead and trying to get some runs on the board against C.C. I was glad I was able to help there, with that solo homer in the first. [Yooooouuuuukkkkk]


Round 2. (Oct. 18) Tonight is the night, Tribe fans, when Big CC has revenge on Big Papi and co. Tonight is the rematch where CC proves he is finally over the postseason jitters. Tonight, is the night when CC leads the Tribe to its first World Series in a decade. Every single critic has already dismissed CC as a choke. The east coast bandwagon continues to ride the Beckett/ Sox wagon saying they will come back to beat the Tribe in 7 games. It's not going to happen. [Let's Go Tribe]