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He's Probably Been Waiting Outside The Studio For Weeks

We had a few people email us yesterday, mostly saying a variation on the following: "So I'm home with the flu, and it's possible that I'm just hallucinating, but I think I just saw A.J. Pierzynski as a bouncer on the 'Jerry Springer Show.' Can that be possible?"

We are not against mass hallucinations as a potential explanation of psychotic phenomena — did you see the No. 1 movie in the country this weekend? — but in this case, worry not, flu buggers of Deadspin Nation: You didn't imagine it in a cold fevered sweat. White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski was indeed on the "Jerry Springer Show" on Monday. He was more like a "guest bouncer," which we don't understand and is likely a position invented for Pierzynski because he called and begged to be on, probably to impress his children, because that's the kind of guy A.J. Pierzynski is.


It's funny, because we always thought that, for as unpopular as Pierzynski is among pretty much everyone in baseball, he had a tongue-in-cheek mindset to it, what, with all the wrestling and general assheadedness; like he was in on the joke that he was a dick. Now? Now we are not so sure.

AJ Pierzynski Goes Classy [Sportable]

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