It's getting real out here, man. Yesterday, we saw NFL player Antonio Brown jump kick a punter, and it was fucking gorgeous. Let's keep this going.

Not to be outdone by fake football, Brasileiro Série A was in full swing yesterday, and Fluminese, in red and green, and Cruzeiro, in blue, were embroiled in a hotly contested match. Only 13 minutes in with the game scoreless, Cruzeiro midfielder Henrique got the ball in the middle of the pitch and lofted a pass to streaking left back Miguel Samudio, who'd snuck behind Fluminese midfielder Cícero in the Fluminese box.

The ball floated, and Samudio tried to head it down into his path. That's when Cícero leapt and cleated Samudio in the temple. Red card, right?

Nah. Somehow, it was a yellow, but because Samudio was in the box, a penalty was awarded to Cruzeiro. Midfielder J√ļlio Baptista slotted it home for the early lead.


The game finished 3-3, but really, we're all winners here.

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