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Hey, Anybody Hear Anything About Tiger Woods?

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So, remember our Deadspin Pants Party Pick 'Em Pool? Well, hopefully you've been making your picks every week, because we're told we can give away some gifts.


As you might have noticed, the people from that Tiger Woods game have been hanging around here of late — you know, it's like Golden Tee, except you can tweak your animated Tiger's facial expression from "blank" to "jaw agape" to "mouth closed" — and they're giving us some games to give out. (By the way, we find our logo today strangely soothing, as if we were blogging from some secluded hideaway where everyone started fires with sticks and pooped in holes in the backyard.) So, after this week's NFL games, if you're in one one of the top five slots, you can send us your address and we'll send you a copy of the game. This week only, as they say.

First place in our pool right now is J. Cullen's "Joey Lawrence!" entry, with 59 points. (As a frame of reference, we have 49 points, though if we didn't pick the Buzzsaw every week, we'd be doing a bit better.) So keep an eye out, remember to make your picks and, uh ... please don't mention those nude pictures to your virtual Tiger.

Deadspin Pants Party Pick 'Em Pool [ESPN Games]

(Also, the Tiger Woods people actually asked us to mention that Tiger Woods is on Jay Leno tonight. So if that's the type of enticing combination that you desire for your entertainment dollar, you know, tune in, we guess.)

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