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Hey, Everyone! How Ya Hoofing?

On the day that Barbaro gets another good report card from his vet, we check in with the Barbaro Message Board to find that, well, things are getting just plain weird. And when you're talking about the Barbaro Message Board, that's saying something.

• Whoa B! Aside from being soooo photogenic, you actually LOOK right into the camera, at the person taking your photo. Yup. In almost all your photos. The other horses do not! It is that something inside you that knows. WOW! XO Ronnie Veronica; Tewksbury, MA.


• Barbaro, You are a true fighter. Hang in there. Don't let anyone take anything from you. People took away my carrots once. And by carrots I mean votes. Rory F., 32; Vancouver, Canada.

• So long as you continue your brave fight, this nation can rest assured that the terrorists didn't win. God Bless Barbaro, and God Bless the United States of America! Crusader; OK, USA.

But this one has to be our favorite.

• How ya HOOFING? I sent a message this a.m. but don't see it. I just want to say my prayers are with you and all involved with your care. Get well. Warm weather is coming. JAN; SOUTHINGTON, CT.


It may just be the new catch phrase of the decade. "Hey, Sean Salisbury, How ya Hoofing? Heard you talking about the Colts." "Why, if it isn't Pope Benedict XVI! How ya Hoofing, Most Holy Father?" "And Jesus said unto him, 'How ya Hoofing?' And the man replied unto Jesus that he was hoofing as well as could be expected."

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