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Hey, Hockey Players: Ever Heard Of Gmail?

You know what's not a good way for a players' union to inspire its members and players to trust them? Sneaking in and reading their emails.

NHL union boss Ted Saskin says his predecessor had player e-mails monitored, not him, a charge Bob Goodenow flatly denied Thursday. "I plan to address the board on Sunday night and the board will learn that Bob Goodenow had instructed NHLPA employees to review player e-mail accounts and this occurred during the lockout and I was not aware of this until much later," Saskin told The Canadian Press on Thursday.


Goodenow, probably wisely, says it's not true, though we, on the whole, don't think it's the best idea for the players to run their email through the NHLPA in the first place. We still think it's more likely they were just checking to see if they said "center" or "centre."

Saskin Lays Blame For Email Monitoring [TSN]

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