Hey, It's 15 Years (And A Day) Since The Yankees' And Orioles' Classic Brawl

Damnit, we keep missing these important milestones by a matter of hours. Oh well. Tell it to the internet police.


On May 19, 1998, the Yankees and Orioles engaged in one of the best brawls in baseball history, featuring the sorts of roundhouses and flying punches you simply don't see anymore. In a macro sense, the fight was a sign of an AL East changing of the guard. The Orioles were in the midst of their first sub-.500 full season since 1991, while the Yankees would win their first of three straight titles. In a more micro sense, Armando Benitez is a crazy person, and the Yankees roster was full of guys willing to throw down. Jamie Mottram calls this his favorite baseball fight ever; I agree heartily.

Benitez had a history with the Yankees, specifically Tino Martinez. After giving up a home run to the first batter he faced, Benitez drilled Martinez in the back, and it was on.

Highlights include Graeme Lloyd charging in from the bullpen to attack Benitez (4:56), and Darryl Strawberry demolishing Benitez (amazing replay at 6:01). The fight would move to the dugout, where Strawberry was bloodied by a punch from Alan Mills.

The final damage: an eight-game suspension for Benitez, three games each for Strawberry and Lloyd, and two games apiece for Mills and Jeff Nelson.