Hey, Man, Get Off The Danged Roof!

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After their loss to previously winless Miami on Sunday, Ravens fans need all the entertainment they can get. Fortunately, some beautiful idiot is refusing to get off the roof of a local bar until the Ravens win a game. That should go well.


He calls himself the "goof on the roof." We hope they're giving him plenty of booze.

Even before Miami's touchdown in overtime, Ronnie had a feeling his vigil was in danger of being extended. "It just seemed like something was happening in the second half. I knew they were going to fall apart and blow it," he said.

Friends from the Canton Station say they'll make sure Ronnie's alright. "We love him to death we want him off the roof we were praying to God in heaven that he would get off, but he just didn't make it," said bartender Shawna Kauffman.

The story reveals that he takes an hour down from the roof a day to "attend to personal matters." We doubt he needs the full hour.

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