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Hey, More Realignment Rumors. Awesome.

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Oh no, we're not done. The Texas League may have settled their little dust up, but Crazy Conference Chatter is not over. The Pac-11 still needs a 12th man and the Big East will apparently take whatever they can get.

As might have been expected after their failure to raid the Big 12 South, the Pac-10 has reportedly offered a final slot to Utah, which will reportedly accept. Reportedly. This will, of course, destroy the tradition and majesty of the Mountain West conference even though Boise State is like ... "We just got here!" Hey, sometimes you gotta break some eggs to make a really disgusting omelet. But the new rumor coming out of the Southern states is that the next expansion targets are ... Memphis and Central Florida to the Big East. Orlando station WKMG is reporting that invites are forthcoming.

It's true that the Big East only has eight football schools at the moment and this could merely be a preventative measure should the Big Ten try to steal a couple of them. However, if the schools become full partners—and I see no reason why they wouldn't—that the brings the basketball side to 18 teams, which is just like ... kapow. How will they all fit in the class photo?


There's also the logistical nightmare of having the Central Florida Knights in the same conference with the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. That's just lunacy. What's next? Army's Black Knights? Roy Hobbs and the New York Knights? Will the Knightmares never cease?

On the bright side, Lil' Cannon Smith might get the chance to lose to Syracuse before his career is out. That's something any father could be proud of.

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