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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Hey, Somebody Tell The Bulls The Series Is Over

Illustration for article titled Hey, Somebody Tell The Bulls The Series Is Over

Well, one thing's for certain now: The Pistons fans don't think of the Bulls as Glass Joe anymore. In a development that has shocked even Bulls boosters, Scott Skiles' crew has blitzed the Pistons two consecutive games now, and they head back to Chicago with a chance to even the series on Thursday night.


One thing we've always been impressed by, regarding Bulls fans, is how they've pretty much been selling out the United Center ever since the Jordan days, even when Pete Myers was suiting up. Thursday will be the biggest game since the Jordan/Pippen/Rodman heyday, and they're gonna be ready to go.

Now it's time for Bulls fans to follow suit. It's time to put on your Ben Wallace Afro, slap on the fake Hinrich sideburns, and slip into your Gordon jersey. When Game 6 rolls around on Thursday Night there shouldn't be a Bulls fan sitting in their seat, they should be up screaming and yelling. From the moment you enter The United Center until the moment the final horn blows all fans should be screaming, "Ball don't lie!!" when Rasheed Wallace shoots the ball, they should be screaming, "Glass knees!!" whenever Chris Webber is in the game and they should be screaming, "Sweet Home Chicago!!" as the final horn blows. This Bulls team has worked extremely hard to get back in this series against a championship caliber team like Detroit and now it's time for the fans to show their support like never before.


For the record, we don't recommend the Hinrich sideburns.

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