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As we enter Day, what, 15? of the Where's Iverson Gonna Get Traded? countdown — we think it's a shame they can't find a way to get him to Minnesota, and we can't fathom why it makes sense to send him to Boston — we look back at yesterday's big news. Supposedly, Iverson turned down a trade to the Charlotte Bobcats, though the team has denied the story, wisely, because it's probably not a good thing when word gets out that no one wants to play for you.

So here's our question: Uh, isn't Michael Jordan supposedly running this team? He is, after all, the "managing member of basketball operations," second on the executive depth chart behind the owner. We know that reports have revealed that Jordan has little to do with the day-to-day running of the franchise — preferring, apparently, to chat with Tiger Woods' wife — but, jeez, if they're paying the guy, isn't this the time to step up and, you know, say something? Sending Allen Iverson to Charlotte is one thing; sending him off to Team Up With Michael Jordan is another all together. But it was Bernie Bickerstaff who answered all the questions yesterday; Jordan was nowhere to be found. We are curious what the heck Jordan is doing over there; has he even been to a game yet? Does he know Adam Morrison, or does he just refer to him as "that sissy who's bawling all the time?" What's going on down there?


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