Hey, The American Football World Cup Is Going On Right Now, And We're About To Kill Mexico

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It's a thing!

Under the auspices of the International Federation of American Football, eight nations have come to Austria to compete in the World Championships. Do you like football? Do you like America? Then this may be the competition for you.

Presumably, we're the best at the sport, since it is named American Football after all. And indeed the US won the 2007 World Cup, but not before being taken to double overtime by two-time champion Japan. Why is this such a struggle for us? Take a look at the roster. IFAF rules exclude professionals, so no NFL or CFL players. And to make it a fair playing field, the USA limits itself to players recently out of college, and made sure to divide roster spots evenly among Divisions I, II, III and NAIA schools.

Still, we're the best. We have former Colorado starter Cody Hawkins as our QB, while Australia has something named Kiernan Dorney. That's why we beat Australia 61-0 in the first match, and then mollywhomped Germany 48-7. Today we take on Mexico, which is coming off of a 65-0 victory of their own.


The game starts at 1:00 EDT, and it's on Eurosport 2, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a stream. Assuming all goes as expected, today is a chance to take some measure of revenge on Mexico for all those futbol games that haven't gone our way.

Austria 2011: World Championship Of American Football