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Hey, There Was A No-Hitter Last Night

Francisco Liriano threw a no-no, and it feels like barely anyone's talking about it. Overshadowed by two sets of playoffs? The fact that it really wasn't a particularly dominant game?

Too bad if it's being overlooked, because it's a good story. Liriano was basically pitching for his job. Facing one of baseball's worst (or slumpingest) offenses with one last chance to stay in the rotation. What does the noted strikeout pitcher do? Loses his control and throws a "pseudo-masterpiece."


Even if we're burnt out on no-hitters in the Year of the Pitcher era, this one was an oddity among them. Two strikeouts, six walks. He got his double plays, but he felt so far from dominant that he didn't know he had a no-hitter until the eighth inning.

It was the "really good luck" kind of game that makes baseball so unpredictable, and probably shouldn't be indicative of future performance, fantasy owners(more on this later, actually) and Twins fans. The worst no-hitter before this was thrown last year by journeyman Edwin Jackson, who took the loss against Liriano last night. Circle of life.

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