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Of course he would. This odd little snapshot of distorted history comes courtesy of the brilliant Awkward Family Photos.

I was unaware that O.J. was adopted by a roving gang of beer-swilling white people, but then again, it's always tough to keep track of that guy's escapades. But he is trying to get out of prison again, apparently. He just can't sit still.



Just a few things. No, Gawker didn't buy a Vampire Blog. That's an ad. It says "sponsored post" in the lower right hand corner. It's a little confusing, but then plenty of things in life are confusing but you figure them out and then find something else to get aggravated about. It's a vicious, blood-sucking cycle. Yes, I just said that.

Let's all just do our best to coexist. And I think you can comment on those posts, too. So that's a plus. I guess. Fuck me? Great.

Here's a still from "Embrace Of The Vampire" where the author of "Safe At Home: Confessions Of A Baseball Fanatic" and the woman from "The Golden Child" kiss each other:



Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin and any and all vampire posts that will surely test your patience for the next couple weeks. How about werewolves? You like werewolves?

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