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Hey, This Game Wasn't Bad At All

Who would have thought that on the day of the NCAA Basketball Tournament's Grand Opening we'd all be talking about the NBA? Weird. But thank the Suns and Mavericks, who put on quite a show on Wednesday, proving that the NBA is going to be relevant from here on out. At least if there's a championship series rematch of Phoenix's 129-127 double OT win over Dallas on Wednesday. This one was fun from start to finish; had everything we would want in an NBA game. Well, except for:

• Kobe Bryant flagrant elbow foul.
• Someone attempting to climb Yao Ming.
• Mark Cuban sideline meltdown (there wasn't one, was there?).
• Rowdy Kendra Davis fan smackdown.


Other than that, brilliant. And we'd have to say that it's just what David Stern needs at this point: Some NBA buzz that doesn't include the words "suspension" or "Isiah Thomas." Here's what struck us about the game midway through the second quarter: The Suns and Mavericks had an implicit agreement that no one was going to play defense, and let's just decide this thing here and now. Amare Stoudemire (41 points and 10 rebounds) and Steve Nash (32 points, 16 assists, game-tying 3-pointer with 2.7 seconds left) trumped Jerry Stackhouse (33 points) and Dirk Nowitzki (30 points, 16 rebounds). This time. Here's what others are saying:

All Is Well In The NBA. Dallas vs. Phoenix had everything you could want from an NBA game. An insane number of great plays. Too much smartness from Steve Nash to catalog here. Amare Stoudemire with incredible statistics. Jason Terry hit a huge shot. I could go on and on. Stackhouse hit some big ones. Nowitzki too. Two overtimes. We'll talk about it more tomorrow. But for now, what a great night for the NBA. Great stuff. [True Hoop]

Phoenix Vs. Dallas, Game Of The Year. Steve Nash: he made it very difficult to argue against a third consecutive MVP after last night's glorious performance (32 and 16 assists, and too many great plays to count). Dirk had himself a great night (30 and 16), but in a game that could play a big role in determining who the MVP of the regular season is, Nash got the edge. [NBA Fanhouse]

Game Notes. Has the MVP award ever gone back and forth during a game like that? Did Steve Nash just win it? And did Phoenix just steal the Dallas swagger? I don't know. I'm going to bed. [SLAM Online]


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