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Hey, Why Is Kenny Chesney Suddenly Calling Me?

In our original neck of the woods in Mattoon, Ill., NFL loyalties are rather split. Some people root for the Chicago Bears (four hours away), some root for the Indianapolis Colts (90 minutes away) and some odd souls hopped on the Rams bandwagon (two hours away). (Some insane people stuck with the former Buzzsaw That Was The St. Louis Cardinals.) So, as you might expect, the Super Bowl was brother vs. brother, man vs. dog, corn detasslers vs. those with paper routes. This inevitable collision of loyalties led, in nearby Decatur, to a man losing a rather unfortunate bet. The Bears fan had to legally change his name to "Peyton Manning."

"A bunch of friends and I were talking one night before the game, and there was a little alcohol involved," said Scott Wiese, 26. "I made the bet, and now I've got to keep it. I chose Manning because, well, he is kind of the face of the Colts franchise. ... I think I kind of represent all Bears fans," he said. "Not that I'm saying they're all idiots like me, but I represent their passion because I really care about my team, you know?"


Yes, Scott, you do. (Trivia note: The Chicago Bears were founded in Decatur and were once known as the Decatur Staleys.) But you know whom we really feel bad for? Weise's little brother.

Diehard Bears Fan Lives Up To Bet [Decatur Herald & Review]

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