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Hey, You Can't Park That There!

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Stevie Johnson likes to race lobster boats. Well, he doesn't like to race them as much as he likes turning them into insane boat-car hybrids that are totally freakin' awesome. That's "Sunbird", his well ... Pontiac Sunbird convertible with twin outboard engines. ("It's a cah-boat," in New England-ese.)


Maine lobster boat racing is a crazy competitive sport and while Johnson has the crazy part down, he's not so big on the competitive. He usually loses every race to Gavin Alley, a lobsterman who sank his first boat because the racing engine he put in it was too big. Since then he's figured out how to win most races with his crazy monster drag race engines. So, actually it's not that competitive at all.

Weary of trying to keep up with competitors who were spending $60,000 and more on high-power racing engines, Mr. Holland retired from the circuit in 2000. "Bragging rights are all you get out of it, and pride was getting expensive," he says.

In Maine, a Rivalry Boils Up On the Lobster-Boat Racing Circuit [Wall Street Journal]

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