Heyman Promo: Brock Lesnar Will "Unify" The UFC & WWE Titles

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The fuzzy lines that divide pro wrestling from UFC got even more blurred tonight on WWE Raw when promoter Paul Heyman offered up a threat that his charge, Brock Lesnar, would return to UFC and "unify" the pro wrestling and MMA heavyweight belts.

Former college wrestling champ Lesnar left WWE for UFC once, and earned the title before a pair of losses to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem. That's when Lesnar called it quits to "legit" ring fighting and headed back to WWE. Lesnar's always maintained a certain level of popularity among both audiences; maybe the better term would be "heat." But could a noticeably older and weaker Lesnar actually compete again for the UFC belt (currently held, sort of, by Velasquez)? Also, this is pro wrestling where everything is fake.