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High school sports are supposed to teach participants the values of hard work and good sportsmanship, but a world in which athletes only ever learned to shake hands and say, “good game,” would be a boring one. Thankfully, there is a school in Arkansas still willing to teach kids the value of a shameless taunt.


Little Rock Hall beat Little Rock Parkview on Tuesday night to capture the 5A-Central Conference championship, and afterwards the Hall players cut down a net on Parkview’s home floor, all while taunting their opponents with brooms (the brooms were mean to symbolize Hall’s season sweep of Parkview):


Hall’s head coach, Jon Coleman, defended his team’s actions in the local newspaper:

“It wasn’t a matter of trying to show anybody up. It was a matter of our kids working hard to clinch a conference championship,” Coleman said. “In the past, people have celebrated on other people’s courts. But our kids deserve this.”

The opposing coach was not amused, calling Hall’s actions “petty” and saying that Coleman has “no respect for the game.” That may be true, but he and his players certainly have respect for the art of rubbing it in.

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