High School Coach Suspended Over "F.U." Locker Room Mantra

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That slogan on the wall, hilariously censored by WCTI-12 in North Carolina, was enough to get the interim coach of J.H. Rose High School a one-week suspension. How dare a coach propose that his players keep family and unity in mind!

Dave Wojtecki was probably maybe sort of delivering a fuck-you to Rose's crosstown rival, D.H. Conley, given the FU, DHC acronym formed by the five words painted on the wall, and he's the second Rose coach in less than a year to run afoul of officials, after the former head coach was suspended last October over a transfer's eligibility.


Both schools are located in Greenville, North Carolina, which we can now safely say is full of Rampant lawlessness—because the Rose mascot is the Rampant. Really.


h/t to Owen