Well, "Say What, High School Football Coaches?" rolls on, this time with the Significant Other Edition. Sara Glashagel, the wife of Antioch Community High School's football coach, Brian Glashagel, took it upon herself to change the grades of over 60 students, 41 of them football players. Glashagel, a special education teacher at the school, admitting to making the changes and resigned on Wednesday.

Glashagel somehow obtained an administrative password and was able to change the grades over the course of a week. Authorities were first tipped off when a teacher noticed a grade change that she did not recall making and alerted school administrators that she may have made a mistake. After finding several other alterations, the school provided the police with the IP address of the computer from which the changes were made and they were able to trace it back to Glashagel.

The school requires students to maintain a minimum GPA of 1.5 to be eligible to play. While that would explain the attempted changes, officials said no varsity players were ineligible at the time the changes were made except three underclassmen. The changes made to those players' grades, however, did not elevate their GPAs to the required level. No students' grades were lowered.

Authorities have also noted that a woman with Glashagel's same birth date and maiden name (Sara Jowers) was charged in January "with misdemeanor retail theft after allegedly taking numerous food items worth less than $150 from a Whole Foods Market." Those charges were later dropped.


Once authorities sorted everything out, so were the affected grades.

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