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High school is hardly an easy time for any teenager, let alone those who try to balance a life filled with academics and athletics, so it’s important for kids around that age to have a good support system who can help save them from themselves. Kha’Ron Thrower, a high school football player in California, played that role perfectly on Friday when he had to stop a teammate from turning what should have been a pick-six into a safety.


Even without sound, the clip perfectly encapsulates all the anger and confusion felt among pretty much everyone who was witnessing this event. Every player in red is frantically gesturing the opposite way, the coaches are jumping up and down, and even the camera operator had a delayed reaction to the whole thing. It might even be safe to assume that Thrower would not have caught his absent-minded teammate had he not begun celebrating around the 11-second mark. Of course, the post-play reactions were the best part between the defender acting as if he was stopped short of the goal line and some guy in black on the sideline absolutely losing his shit.

Thrower mentions in the replies of the tweet that this was his teammate’s first career interception and he was just so excited that he forgot the direction his team was facing. Football is hard, but I have faith that this kid will figure out which way to run in these situations by the end of the season.

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