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High School Girl Charged With Assault After Brutal Soccer Beatdown

Throw out the formalities when Lewisville and Chester get together, that's what I always say. The South Carolina schools met for a women's soccer match Monday evening, and it ended with the police being called. That New Mexico-BYU game has nothing on this one.


At one point, a Chester player tripped up Annette McCullogh, an 18-year-old player for Lewisville. The referee said afterward the contact was "incidental," but McCullogh took offense, dragging her opponent to the ground by the hair and pummeling her until physically pulled off. Sheriff's deputies responded to the incident, and McCullogh will be charged with simple assault.

The unnamed victim was not seriously injured, but her mother wants McCullogh prosecuted, saying "I think it is nonsense that girls can't come and play soccer without getting assaulted."

H/T Dean

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