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High School Quarterback Goes Behind-The-Back On Fake Punt

This is a deceptively great move from Georgia high school football. Archer high school made like it was going to punt to Sandy Creek but then hit the backup quarterback, Will Bearden, with the direct snap. He took the ball and avoided pressure by going behind his back with the ball and dumping it off for a first down.


At first glance, it didn't look all that necessary, but with each viewing it looks more and more like a great play. He avoided the initial push and saved himself from a possible fumble caused by the defender slapping the ball or even by running into his own blocker. Also, if he just tucked it and ran, defenders were ready to swarm him. He wanted to pass the whole time and kept the play going with some quick thinking. They got the first down, but Archer still lost 21-13.

[Max Preps]

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