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High School Sports Apocalypse Closer Than You Think

Illustration for article titled High School Sports Apocalypse Closer Than You Think

It didn't take long for one California school district to figure an easy way to balance their budget during our economic tsunami; eliminate all high school sports. Don't laugh, yours may be next.


Is there anyone who didn't think that this would be coming? With entire professional leagues on the precipice due to the economy, it only figures that high school sports would also be in danger once our teetering economy really got bad. The East Side Union High School District in San Jose — which includes 11 high schools with 40 teams competing in 23 sports — has basically told parents that if they don't come up with $2 million, by 2010 all of their high school athletics will be gone. And Merry Christmas.

Predictably, students and coaches were not amused.

Bob Nuñez, superintendent of the East Side Union High School District, unveiled a budget that cuts overall spending by $11.4 million, with $2.1 million from sports — a move that eliminates football, basketball, soccer and all other athletic programs.

"Shame on you and the people who are responsible for even bringing this up tonight," said Jeff Borges, a coach at Andrew Hill High, before a standing-room-only crowd that filled the board room and spilled into the lobby. "You say $2 million in sports, I say get rid of an administrator at each school and the problem is solved."


The Oakland Athletics and San Jose Earthquakes have said that they will work with the school district to try and find ways to raise the money, which is laudable. But that's not going to turn the tide. In five years we'll be like Europe, with no athletics tied to schools, just club teams. And your son will be named Dieter.

San Jose School District Blasted For Budget That Cuts Athletic Programs [San Jose Mercury]

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