High School Students Bring Trump 2020 Flag To Basketball Game Against Predominantly Black School

In an effort to taunt the visiting team, a group of Minnesota high school students brought a Trump 2020 flag to a boys basketball game Tuesday night. Considering that the road team, Minneapolis Roosevelt High School, has a predominantly black student body and has been staying in the locker room during the national anthem for their previous games, this would seem like more than some good-natured ribbing. Not to the mom who owned the Trump flag, though!


MRHS head coach Michael Walker shared a photo (now deleted) of the students holding the flag along with this caption, via the Star-Tribune:

“I coach a predominantly black inner city high school team,” Walker wrote on his Facebook posting. “We go out to a rural area in Jordan, MN and this is there. Please explain how and why this is appropriate at a high school basketball game?”

Many of the Jordan High School fans wore clothing with red, white, and/or blue as part of a “USA blackout theme night.” The mother of one of the students claimed there was no sinister meaning behind bringing a Trump flag to make fun of a mostly non-white school’s team that was respectfully remaining in the locker room for the national anthem. Also, it was her Trump flag:

Bridget Kahn commented on the Roosevelt coach’s Facebook posting wrote that the flag belonged to her and was used by students as part of a long-planned USA blackout theme night.

Kahn told the Star Tribune later that her son and others took two of the flags with them to the game and “left with them wrapped around them like capes. I didn’t see anything wrong with that.”

She said this was nothing more than young people wearing “a bunch of red, white and blue, supporting their president. They don’t have a racist bone in their body.”

Has anyone ever admitted to having a racist bone in their bodies? Which bone is most likely to be infected with racism? Femur? Rib? Have medical professionals ever confirmed the existence of a racist bone? Is it possible to not have any racist bones, but maybe a prejudiced tendon? An ignorant muscle?

Anyway, what these kids did was fucked up. Kahn’s defensive response, along with that of a different parent who was at the game—“I have no issues with a Trump flag at our game last night. ... It’s actually pretty cool [young people] are paying attention to things going on in our country”—suggests that the area has no desire to avoid ingraining this sentiment into the next generation, even if the superintendent overseeing Jordan High School apologized and vowed to look into it.



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