High School Track Star Wins Team Championship By Herself

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Bonnie Richardson isn't just on the high school track team, she is the track team. And even though she has no teammates, she somehow won the Texas Class A state championship by herself. For the second straight year.


Richardson competed in five events at the state meet this weekend and earned enough points to beat the second place team by two. Her school, Rochelle High School, doesn't even have a track—her graduating class has 14 students—so Richardson practices in nearby Brady, Texas, a town so big it has a Wal-Mart! I guess Class A competition is not that massive, but it's not exactly a fluke. She accomplished the same feat last year.

Richardson captured first in the long jump (17-04.50), second in the discus (126-09) and first in the high jump (5-8) on Friday for a total of 28 points. Returning to Myers Stadium on the campus of the University of Texas on Saturday, Richardson placed third in the 200 (25.78) and fourth in the 100 (12.51) for a two-day total of 38 points – two points better than second-place Cayuga in Class A.

In her typical laid-back fashion, Richardson didn't get too excited.

"My family already did the math," Richardson said while waiting for her celebratory prime rib sandwich at Red Robin restaurant. "They were jumping up and down; it was kind of embarrassing."

How does she feel?

"I'm tired and glad it's over," Richardson said. "High school's officially over."

Hmm ... I hope she's not implying that she's happy to finally be rid of the 13 other deadbeats she's been stuck in high school with for the last four, interminable years. (Their dances must suck.) She was also the valedictorian, has lived in Rochelle (pop. 600) her whole life, but will attend Texas A&M in the fall and enjoys hunting "anything that moves." The Cadets are going to love her.

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