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Hines Ward Was Right To Use Brian Westbrook As A Case Study For NFL Concussion Hypocrisy

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Hines Ward's well-documented rain-making visit to Dallas Gentlemen's Club has seemingly filled him full of wisdom.


From GQ, here are his thoughts on the league's hit-porny safety video, TBI-preventing helmets, league veterans being left battered and under-supported and how the Eagles' handling of Brian Westbrook shows you everything you need to know about how much the league really cares.

It's spot-on, but probably too heavy for the giggling fanboys from James Harrison's laugh riot.

Man, nobody paid attention to that video. We don't know what they want. They're so hypocritical sometimes.

They came out with these new helmets that are supposed to stop concussions. If they care so much about our safety, why don't they mandate that we wear the new ones? If they're so worried about what concussions will do to us after our careers, then guarantee our insurance for life. And if you're going to fine me for a hit, let the money go to veteran guys to help with their medical issues. To say the league really cares? They don't give a f*ck about concussions.

And now they want to add on two extra games? Are you kidding? Come on, let's be real. Now that these new guidelines are in place, you'll see more and more guys lying to doctors to stay on the field.

Contracts aren't guaranteed. If a guy's contract is coming up and he gets his bell rung-and if he has a concussion, he'll have to leave the game and maybe miss another one-trust me, he ain't tellin' nobody. Look at [49ers running back] Brian Westbrook. He was an elite player who had concussion issues, and he struggled to find work after the Eagles cut him. Guys saw that. I'm telling you, if you're a guy on the bubble or playing for your next contract, you're going out there and jeopardizing your life to get that payday.


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