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Hipsters In Big Wheels — A Regressive Delight

Bring Your Own Big Wheel, an annual event for wacky funsters to relive the childhood they never left is typically held on San Francisco's winding Lombard Street. This year's event went down Easter Sunday on Potrero Hill, which The Backyard said is probably more treacherous. Not being from the Bay Area, this means absolutely nothing to me. But, hey loogit! Someone dressed as Cartman!

So I'm scanning the pack for the various references and I'm a little put down by the absence of one to Bobby's World. C'mon — it had the best big wheel involved intro in the history of TV!


What's that? Yeah, I watched Bobby's World, asshole. That's what was on before Batman when I was getting high after school. Also, that Uncle Ted was a funny motherfucker. "Hey Bob-o!" HAHAHAHA

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