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Hirshey Quickie: Soccer Cheerleaders In The MLS

David Hirshey writes regularly about soccer for Deadspin.

Now that the Michigan cheerleaders have adopted the red-hot Maxim-worthy image of soccer moms, it was only a matter of time until the sport itself would catch on.


I'm not saying that the Chiva girls, who have just released their new calendar, are the second coming of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, but perhaps if you happen to be on a Tequila bender, you can pretend. After all, we've been pretending for years that MLS actually plays Joga Bonito. And consider that since ChivasUSA has started playing that other beautiful game, it has gone from the laughingstock of the league to championship contender and pride of the Home Depot Center — or as the soon-to-be exiled Galaxy now think of it, the Homeless Depot Center. If only the Knicks City Dancers could work the same magic in New York.

Chiva Girls! [Chivas USA]

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