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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

His Next Job Will Be To Take Over For Stu Jackson

Illustration for article titled His Next Job Will Be To Take Over For Stu Jackson

This spry gentleman's name is Bill Hargrove — he's the round immobile object between the orange ball and the red ball — and he just bowled his age. You might not find this all that impressive, though we find it difficult to bowl our age, ourselves. (We are not a skilled bowler.) But readers, smile, because he's 106 years old and blind as a guano producer.

Ignoring the macular degeneration that has robbed him of 80 percent of his vision, he rolls the first ball of each frame from memory. Before the follow-up, he gets [a friend] to tell him which pins are still standing. "I know WHERE they are," he explains, knowledge born of 83 years in the sport. It's a matter of using the lane arrows to set up the approach. While lining up his shots, Hargrove takes a modest three-step approach, and releases the 8-pound ball without a wobble, waving his arms like a toreador to urge the blue-swirled sphere in the right direction.


You know, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter assigned to cover this story must have had the best time. Time for a time-honored joke: Isiah Thomas just signed him to play power forward!

We'll never get tired of that one.

At 106, This Bowler Will Pick Up The Seven-Ten Split In Your Heart [Sports Gone South]

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