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His Next Job Will Be To Take Over For Stu Jackson

This spry gentleman's name is Bill Hargrove — he's the round immobile object between the orange ball and the red ball — and he just bowled his age. You might not find this all that impressive, though we find it difficult to bowl our age, ourselves. (We are not a skilled bowler.) But readers, smile, because he's 106 years old and blind as a guano producer.

Ignoring the macular degeneration that has robbed him of 80 percent of his vision, he rolls the first ball of each frame from memory. Before the follow-up, he gets [a friend] to tell him which pins are still standing. "I know WHERE they are," he explains, knowledge born of 83 years in the sport. It's a matter of using the lane arrows to set up the approach. While lining up his shots, Hargrove takes a modest three-step approach, and releases the 8-pound ball without a wobble, waving his arms like a toreador to urge the blue-swirled sphere in the right direction.


You know, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter assigned to cover this story must have had the best time. Time for a time-honored joke: Isiah Thomas just signed him to play power forward!

We'll never get tired of that one.

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